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  • Specifications
    Input voltage: AC 100V-264V/47-63HZ
    Lamp Type:12W LED 6-in-1 R、G、B、A、W、UV(7PCS)
    Life span: 50000~100000hours
    PWM Dimmer:1500HZ(16666 grades)
    Control Signal:DMX512
    Control mode:stand alone/ sound activated
    Function Effect: dimmer, strobe, gradual change
     Touch buttons, automatic lock key
    Built-in temperature control measurement function, when LED work overheated, intelligent reduce LED output power, current power output can be viewed
    Cooling mode: Natural Convection
    built-in lithium battery, compatible with Swedish wireless DMX module
    Battery Capacity: 25.9V / 6.6Ah
    Charging time: 4 hours
    full light Duration: 3 hours
    Anti-electricity intension:1.5KV
    Insulation Resistance:>2MΩ
    Net Weight: 5.2 Kg
    Beam Angle: 15°,25°,45° Optional
    DMX Chart ◀
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