LF2504-BA-WI IP20

100W | 4PCS | COB | 5-IN-1 | IP20 | IR | Wireless | Auto run | Programable | Overheat protection | Battery | DMX512

  • Specifications
    Input voltage:AC 100V-264V/47-63HZ
    Lamp Type:R、G、B、A、W 5-in-1 (4PCS)LED
    LED life:50000-100000hours
    PWM dimming:1500Hz(16666 grades)
    Control Signal:DMX512
    Control mode:stand alone/master slave
    IR-remote control function
    Build-in lithium battery
    Build-in compatible W-DMX wireless DMX signal mould
    Each two LEDs can be control separately
    Function effect:Dimming smoothly,multiple strobe, fade effect, rainbow effect, Multi-auto run, self-programming auto run
    Build-in TEMP. Control function,when LED work overheated,LED output power can be reduced intelligently.The current power output and temperature can be viewed.
    Cool mode:Natural Convection
    Beam Angel:30°,60° for option
    Anti-electricity intension:1.5KV
    Insulation Resistance:>2MΩ
    IP rate:IP20
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