Waterproofing ventilated valve helps cooling lights

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Those days, we improved our high powered outdoor Par light, and the waterproof breathable valve helps it cool down.
A.Waterproofing and dustproof grade reaches IP67. The high efficiency of breathability reduces the stress on the hermetic seal on the shell
part by equalizing the pressure.
B. Electronic PTFE membrane has a hydrophobic structure embedded in the shell unit of polyamide plastic material, which has excellent inertia, singleness, chemical resistance and ultraviolet resistance.
C. The fine, porous structure of the e-PTFE membrane can prevent the penetration of salt crystals, humidity and hydrosphere.
D. The screw plug housing unit is equipped with a silicon sealing ring groove outside the housing which is closely related to the application of the product, simplicity and safety.
2. Benefits
A.Protect sensitive electronic and inductive products
B. Reduce design and fabrication costs of housing, easy access to all installation common parts
In extreme environments, without failure or repair C. Long service life
D. The failure is greatly reduced due to the erosion of salt to electronic and inductive products
E. Greatly reduce the formation of frost and condensation
F. Make the effect of heat dissipation of outdoor lamps better
3.Component material and performance index

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