What is the best way to control LED stage lights?

Click:2742  Time:2016-02-28 11:28:00

The best way to control LED stage lighting depends on: The amount of flexibility you need. Does each unit need to be individually adjustable?

The rest of your lighting rig. Have you got other fixtures to control such as moving lights?
If you have 96 dimmers, 20 LED battens, 10 LED PARs and 10 moving lights, you will want to use a dedicated moving light control. But, if you only need to change the color of a few LED PARs , you don’t need a complex LED lighting controller. Make sure that you also look at what available in PC based DMX lighting control software.

Don’t forget – many LED stage lighting fixtures also have a number of programs built into them to allow color control, static or chases, that can be used with no lighting controller at all. These are usually called “Stand Alone” mode and are great if you need to just set up your LED lights and go.

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