New LED Video Lighting is Now Affordable

Click:2062  Time:2016-02-28 17:38:16

ProFlixSales is now offering High CRI LED Video lighting at affordable prices.

LED lighting for Video has been gaining popularity steadily over the past years. Videographers love LED lighting for their cool lighting, low power and durability. The issue has been the quality of the light. How "true" a light is to its stated Temperature is measured in CRI (Color Rendering Index). Standard LED lighting often has a low CRI, sometimes as low as 70. This means that although the light may be rated at 5600K Daylight, the color may be off. High CRI lighting has been available but always at a big premium.

Now ProFlixSales has a line of quality LED Video Lighting with a CRI of 93 at prices lower than most standard CRI lighting. These lights come in industry standard 500 W and 1000W equivalents. They are dimmable and bank selectable like many high quality Video Lights and can be powered via AC or V-Mount battery. High Quality metal barndoors are standard and included in the price. With a very CRI of 93, these daylight LEDS are virtually indistinguishable from natural sunlight.

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