Console 30-BA-WI

Console 30-BA-WIIt’s a compact, portable device, small and portable, Easy to carry, simplicity of operator, Standard international DMX512 signal, There are 30 channels available
  • Specifications
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    Main Function
    Standard DMX512 signal:2.4G wireless DMX512 signal transceiver
    Transmit distance: 300M(Visible distance)
    Signal seal: three-core or five -core XLR socket
    Compact and compact design, easy to take
    Power input USB-TYPE-C  5V*1A /5V*2A
    Utility time: 13-18 Hours
    Built-in rechargeable large capacity 18650 lithium battery (2500mA)
    30 channel DMX controller
    Built-in multiple wireless transceiver modes (Compatible with multiple wireless protocols)
    Dimension: 205mm×115mm×65mm
    Net Weight: 0.77kg
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